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食品 Foodstuff

Natural organic food
No pesticide and pure hand
Triangle green lemon
Taiwan native species of lemon, have appetite to help digestion and delicious.

精油 Essential oil

Exclusive R&D
Natural refining and non-toxic
Damascus rose dew
Add moisturizers and moisture
100% cypress extract
No chemical substances
Cypress essential oil
Calm and relax the psychological effect

面膜 Facial Mask

Suitable for all types of skin
Extract the essence, repair the skin, moisturizing and moisturizing, anti-aging.
Iroca Instant white muscle
Delicate light white, moisturizing powder.
Iroca Qi Lin repair
Extract the essence of the skin to repair the skin back to the glory.
Iroca Damascus rose
Precious essential oils make skin soft & moist, deep protection to prevent drying.
Ginseng has oxygen light
Extract the essence, repair the skin, nourish Run white. Plus nipple protection.
3D Compact Rally
Dilute skin wrinkles, maintain skin elasticity, enhance skin bright, improve dull.

飲品 Brewed drinks

Technology & hand-brewing
Exclusive recipe, natural refining
Ginger ginger powder
Select Taiwan organic alpine ginger, certified by SGS, no heavy metals
Green tea powder
Selected high mountain tea, high-tech nano, 30 ℃ low temperature drying.
Lemon vinegar
Fruit brewing 100% standing fermentation, keep more nutrients.
Cellar honey vinegar drink
Natural brewed lemon drinks are rich in acetic acid needed in the body.

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