Maintenance knowledge sharing - hot mask material water cloud film

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Hot mask material water cloud film

Non-woven mask, bamboo charcoal mask, silk mask, bio-fiber mask ... ... love to apply the mask of friends, in many of the mask material, 

Which is your mind is good? For the current popular hot mask, the major brands and manufacturers, in addition to the beauty of the deployment of a variety of ingredients in the proportion of 

And the essence of effective formula, but also continue to study and develop a new material carrier to meet the needs of consumers on the use of various.


Water cloud film, is the recent innovation in the mask material, but also a culture of the upgraded version of the upgraded version of biological fiber mask, but the water film and the general film culture 

And then cut the biological fiber mask is different from a single strain, monolithic culture and rigorous biotechnology to control its stability and water content, the formation of a special directional gradient 

Density intertwined structure, light and breathable characteristics, can be completely affixed to the face, so that the essence of effective introduction of skin and remove the pores of excessive fat, the endothermic reaction, 

Can help the skin to cool, improve skin self-healing power, after use not only have a more compact feeling, but also allow the subsequent maintenance plus points, but because of the higher cost, so 

Developed for the sale of less types of goods, the price is naturally high. 

Overseas Chinese science and technology top water cloud mask - precious island extreme beauty repair anti-wrinkle mask 

At the same time is the mask is the essence of the design, in the packaging plus a small amount of cup bearing more out of the essence, high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, 

Through the water cloud film into the effect of high quality skin faster absorption. 

Overseas Chinese biotechnology new generation of moisturizing micro - needle biological mask 

The use of water cloud membrane innovation of the cross-network structure into the essence of seaweed polyphenols, play the carrier of high quality moisture, so that a comprehensive upgrade of moisturizing life. 

Overseas Chinese Science and Technology top - level EGF biological fiber water cloud film 

Moisturizing soothe the skin, lock the water, improve the fine lines and Ming Run degrees, so that the skin to maintain shiny elasticity. 

Overseas Chinese Biotech Fiber Mask (upgraded version) 

The use of water cloud film excellent skin-friendly, the essence evenly distributed in every inch of the skin, so that the contents of the multi-moisturizing ingredients to play, to extend the skin moisturizing moisturizing. 

Overseas Chinese Biotech Fibers Flying Clouds - Upgraded Edition 

Including EGF, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B5, allantoin, etc., to improve fine lines, moisturizing and repairing the skin, but also for laser and other medical treatment of postoperative skin. 

Overseas Chinese Biochemical DNA Muscle 

A new generation of biofilm membrane - "water cloud film", with moisturizing skin components, improve skin vitality, improve fine lines, dull, restore skin elasticity and luster.