Natural lemon vinegar therapy

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Lemon vinegar therapy


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First, the theoretical basis

Gout, diabetes in traditional Chinese medicine, and some say that kidney yang deficiency, spleen caused by what, why often drink lemon vinegar juice will have the effect, as long as some biochemical and physiological, it should be quite understandable:

The main cause of gout is the cortical part of the kidney cortisol (cortisol) problem, to be synthetic pine nuts must have enough vitamin C and pantothenic acid, and lemon vitamin C is very rich. And acetic acid can promote the function of the liver, in the liver cells, can be cortisol (cortisol) into cortisone (cortisone), the substance in the body can be oxidized by DNA decomposition of the Prin (purine ) Can be successfully converted to uric acid, and it will be excreted. The substance that drives uric acid in the circulatory system is albumin, which is also synthesized by the liver. So vinegar can stimulate liver function, in addition to cortisol can be converted into cortisone, but also produce uric acid to eliminate albumin, so lemon vinegar on gout patients, can achieve the treatment function.

Diabetes is mainly caused by pancreatic secretion of insulin function problems, and insulin is an enzyme, composed of 51 amino acids. In general, amino acid synthesis of protein or DNA, mainly in the liver cells, if the liver function enhancement, can promote the efficiency of protein synthesis, DNA synthesis is also true. Because of acetic acid to promote the effectiveness of liver function, which with the Chinese people speak acid into the liver, showing that vinegar can enhance liver function. In biochemistry, acetylacetylate A (acetyl co-A) is also a component of acetic acid, this auxiliary in the biochemical process to play a very important role. Another medical words, spleen deficiency is also affected by kidney and kidney, kidney yang deficiency is easier to get diabetes, so diabetes is not only the problem of spleen, but also with the kidney.

Vinegar and minerals to form a salt has its necessity, because the vinegar if it does not make it into the salt, will the body of calcium, magnesium, zinc and other cationic minerals brought out of the body, resulting in another metabolic disorders, causing Cramps and other problems.