Dragon blood tree skin repair mask after the use of experience to share

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This section from Taiwan overseas Chinese biotechnology dragon blood tree skin repair mask, a box of five pieces of equipment, manufacturers to provide us with television crew trial


Mask, I also used no less than 10 brands.

The impression of a good mask, must be full of rich fluid, mask completely affixed to the face,

After the application of the skin will not be allergic, mask no pungent smell, the use will not be too much

Tightness discomfort, the mask of the fiber to be soft and flexible, the essence of the liquid to be fresh and not sticky.

Mask has become a skin care essential skin care products; although only a short period of 15 minutes,

Remove the mask of the moment, smooth and soft skin, is the best proof.

See this emphasis >> whitening, repair mask, natural heart is a matter of course.

That night to bring Fumian.

Hope for 5 days after the effect of the mask after the mask, will let the snow princess also praise.


Breakthrough 3D push-type design, high-tech fiber material, each mask containing 26g whitening essence,

Is the general whitening lotion whitening essence content of three times.

Excellent stretch elasticity, can be closely fit face, will be full of essence liquid mask, deep

Into the bottom of the skin, can make the essence of continuous whitening effect.

Mask packaging, in addition to the use of methods, as well as the use and dose, but also to remind

Consumers need attention and protection of the place.

The correct use of methods in order to achieve the effectiveness of the product.

How to use:

1) After washing the face, open the package and remove the mask.

2) to expand the mask to both sides of the stretch to cover the face, and then gently press the mask mask,

So that the paste, so that the essence can be deeply into the skin.

3) After 15 minutes to remove, discard the mask, do not need to rinse after use.

Method is easy to learn, follow the steps to do OK!

[Dragon blood tree skin repair mask]: both moisturizing and whitening effect.

Tear the bags, there is the right amount of essence, no special strong smell, take the mask

Mask the whole paper was wet, with a full essence attached to the liquid, with both hands very easy

Can be affixed to the face.

No irritation, moisture degree is also good, this mask should be suitable for the original version of the various

The size of the face; I apply the mask, the cheeks also have a large number of cut corners of the mask.

About 15 minutes on the OK OK! Remove the mask, the whole face is very refreshing, not sticky,

There is no allergies and other symptoms do not adapt; continuous deposited for 4 days, although the whitening effect will not be so

Obviously, the feeling of the surface is at least getting moisture.

This is what I use after sharing experience. 

There are problems on the use, welcome to my microblogging exchange discussion ~