Taiwan's good gardening - Taiwan's edible rose non-toxic planting four degrees

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Open the four rose garden, to the Puli to find the annual edible roses / Taiwan good gardening editor ‧ map and sources / "flowers game NO.80" 
Taiwan edible roses non-toxic cultivation, the first to push Puli "open four degrees edible rose garden". Go on! Go to Puli to find annual edible roses!

10 - May rose in full bloom. 
"Mei open four degrees edible rose garden" garden Zhang Siguang and Guo Yiping Yin and his wife, 13 years is committed to planting non-toxic edible roses. Siguang served in the vanilla garden restaurant, in the swim cooking, research and development of various types of vanilla cooking period, found that roses is a good food ingredients. But due to roses ingredients made difficult, thinking in 2004 decided to leave the restaurant kitchen, into the edible roses planting. 

Challenges away from the chemical, no pesticide cultivation Taiwan climate high temperature and humidity, relative to the rose pests and diseases are also very much. Want to plant in the organic cultivation of roses get good grades, this road is really very hard to go. The couple tried to complete the dream of the heart - organic non-toxic cultivation, back to the earth a non-toxic environment. In order to implement the concept, adhere to the pesticide and insecticide, the use of greenhouse isolation pests and diseases; do not use herbicides weeding, and artificial weed instead, and therefore consume a lot of manpower and time; fertilizer is applied earth fertilizer and rice bran and other organic fertilizer, Do not use chemical fertilizers. Planting the initial, not only less effective, rose growth is poor, the harvest effect is less than expected, and thus bear a lot of pressure and ridicule. But they uphold the principle, continue to cultivate this is considered "impossible task" of the edible rose garden.


Open four degrees edible rose garden. 
Visibility open, farmland expansion After years of efforts, the Rose Garden gradually in the field of edible roses occupy a small leading position. The park produces roses, in addition to the garden made of rose jam, rose vinegar and make-up care products, but also to the baking industry to make bread. 2010 Brewery Master Wu Baochun refined lychee rose bread, won the World Bread Competition champion, but also started the "opening four degrees edible rose garden" visibility.As the demand increases, the couple rented a new farmland in the vicinity, to start time-consuming move to the park. At present the new park has nine points, some still land preparation. I believe that the future expansion of the flower field, let the Taiwan organic non-toxic edible rose to create a bright sky. 

Rose sauce. 
"Rose sauce DIY" 
Material consumption of red rose petals 50 grams, 15 grams of seeds, rock sugar 50 grams, water 100cc, lemon juice 1 (plus lemon juice can increase the flavor and stability of the jam color) 


1. Cut the rose petals into filaments. 
2. All the materials added to the pot boiled, to keep stirring, so as not to burning charcoal. 
3. Water evaporation to the appropriate consistency, you can turn off.