The beautiful secret of the Hollywood star ~ Dracaulian extract

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Hollywood star's beautiful secret ~ Dragon blood tree extractive maintenance! 
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Dragon blood tree
Yeots of the Socotra (Socotra) factor thousands of strange species, has been hailed as "the earth's most alien place", which looks strange "dragon tree", looks more like a landing on the ground But the dragon tree tree resin, as early as 1 thousand years ago by Chinese medicine as a herbal medicine, even during the Vietnam War, also used as a "hemostatic special medicine." 
Dragon blood tree known as one of the most lonely tree species on earth, the highest age of up to 6 years old, mainly grown in Africa and southern Asia and other tropical regions; its appearance as a funnel in general, can effectively catch every drop of rain, and branches Dry is like a channel, the rain into the roots, so even in the arid rainy island of Socotra, it can also be fully adapted.


In addition, many more media reports about the news of the dragon blood tree skin care products 

Zhongtian news - so the trunk of the wound will flow dark red resin, known as the dragon blood tree, reportedly magical effect, and even rejuvenation effect, even the Hollywood star An Jie Lina Qiuli also came out with the dragon blood tree rejuvenation. 

People hear the news - heard the dragon blood tree was made of skin care products, is currently in Europe and the United States is ramming, refining the precious dragon blood tree essence, dragon blood tree life of more than 8 thousand years, strong vitality, and later developed into skin care products, Lina Jolie also love to use, in Europe and the United States stars and celebrities popular. 

Ettoday reporter Yang Han-ping - rumors in the blood red mulberry contains "longevity" ingredients, has always been the recipe for the beauty of local women, many skin care products manufacturers see the mysterious effect of dragon blood, the study will be refined as a maintenance Goods. 

Dragon blood resin also has a magic, from the previous local wizard is the implementation of the chain of gold surgery and indispensable medicine, for women in terms of return to youth is a magic weapon. Chinese medicine practitioners said that the so-called dragon blood is blood, the original is the blood of the precious mybal medicine, often associated with frankincense myrrh, does have the effect of convergence skin ulcer. 

Now scientifically confirmed that the beauty of the effect of dragon blood is not out of thin air fantasy, the extract does have a net white, conditioning the skin to make it smooth and compact ingredients.


Once the bark of the dragon blood tree is cut, there will be bright red juice gurgling out, the locals will these "dragon blood" made of dyes, or as the treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal problems of drugs; also have wizards with rituals and alchemy, Used to enhance their mana. 

Dragon blood in China is known as "blood", also known as "Kirin exhausted", is a special governance bruises of the blood of St. medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is also related to the record, the Song Song Su in the "Tang Materia Medica" mentioned: "blood off the original plant, wood high Shu Zhang, whirling cute. Its fat from the wood out, dripping like glue, Condensate, is exhausted, red for color, mining time. " 

In the past has always been that the dragon tree is Africa, the Middle East unique, until the mainland botanists in 1972 to explore the Yunnan region, only in China for the first time found traces of dragon tree; now the species of domesticated, try to plant in Xishuangbanna tropical botanical garden, And the development and application of research and research, but also refined into a precious "Yunnan red medicine." 
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