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100% small molecule fucoidan 

Small molecule fucoidan: that is, vegan collagen algae colloid is rich in collagen, we use biotechnology to break it down, so that the product has the effect of simplex collagen.

◉ patented biotechnology decomposition extraction of concentrated special nutrients, the highest content, the best effect. 

Algal polysaccharide: 23.39 g / 100 g (high molecular weight polysaccharide) 

Ash: 35.90g / 100g (total mineral) 

Calcium: 654.1 mg / 100 g (high calcium) 

Iron: 30.91mg / 100g (high iron) 

Iodine: 5.64 μ g / 100 g (unit micrograms) 

◉ The only one on the market is completely free of heavy metal pollution

Arsenic: undetectable (quantitative limit of 0.02 ppm) 

Cadmium: undetectable (quantitative limit 0.05 ppm) 

Mercury: undetectable (quantitative limit 0.01 ppm) 

Lead: undetectable (quantitative limit 0.08 ppm) 

◉ product features 

  1. High purity guarantee 100% pure fucose gum, no addition of any excipient, starch ....

  2. High-tech The company's patented biotechnology is hydrolyzed into small molecule fucoidan peptides.

  3. Easy to absorb the molecular weight of 1000Dalton the following, easy to absorb, the body cycle to add repair.

  4. High-quality algae polysaccharide 23.39g / 100 content of the world's leading, the effect of significant human body.

  5. . Trace elements 35.9g / 100 extremely high, many types of trace elements, rich in content.

  6. The most clean arsenic cadmium mercury lead arsenic heavy metal is completely undetectable, inspection report is quality assurance.

  7. The most economical 100% pure fucose gum, calculated in unit price, only the general market price of 1/4 price. We are in Taiwan produced small molecules fucoidan, in Southeast Asia pure sea cultivation of wild brown algae, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and other heavy metals are completely undetectable, the use of biotechnology to plant glial decomposition, so that products in addition to Fucoidan efficacy, both with vegan protein efficacy, a product of two kinds of efficacy, so that "vegan" who have the opportunity to add to the "veins collagen." Aidefen Biotech Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of fucoidan, rich in high molecular polysaccharides, high iron, high calcium, high fiber, ash (trace elements) and carbohydrates:

● Polymeric polysaccharide body: Polymeric polysaccharide content of 23.39%, really very high, the natural effect of the human body significantly. The water-soluble fiber extracted from the sticky slip component of brown algae is fucoidan and is a polysaccharide formed by sulfuric acid fucose, and has a unique and special effect.


● high calcium: containing 654.1mg / 100g calcium. "High calcium" food standards: solid> 240mg / 100g can be called high calcium food. Calcium: the main component of teeth and bones. Maintain the heart, muscle normal contraction and nerve sensibility. Activated thrombin into thrombin to help the blood clot.Control cell permeability. Maintain the health of bones and teeth.

● high iron: containing 30.91mg / 100g iron. "High iron" food standards: solid> solid> 4.5mg / 100g can be called high-iron food. Iron: composition of heme and myoglobin. Participate in the formation of red blood cells. Constitute an important component of heme.

● high fiber: containing 48.6 grams / 100 grams of dietary fiber. As we all know, algae are rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, increase satiety.

● Ash (total trace element): very important, ash is trace elements or minerals. After the plant burns ash, the carbohydrates evaporate completely, leaving the minerals, especially the trace elements that belong to the ocean, and are very precious. Algae in addition to the above special ingredients, there are: protein, fat, vitamin B1 and vitamin C, nicotinic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus, cobalt, carotene, kelp, polysaccharides, alginic acid Important nutrients.

◎ soft nutrients: refers to the plant intake of nutrients, after decomposition and absorption, the plant itself as a nutritional ingredient, such as soft calcium, soft iron and other trace elements.

◎ hard nutrient: refers to the mineral from the grinding or chemical synthesis of nutrients, such as hard calcium, from the oyster shell grinding of raw materials or calcium carbonate chemical synthesis.


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