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Damascus rose dew

☆ by the precious Damascus rose petals distilled to extract, keep the Damascus rose complete water-soluble nutrients.

☆ is completely natural pure lotion, add skin moisturizing essence and moisture, restore skin luster.

☆ improve the skin dull, repair sensitive and dry skin, so that the skin moisturizing, soft, radiant bright.

Apply to all skin types.

Suggested use:

1, alternative make-up water: every time after the face, the roses exposed directly on the face, can increase skin moisture.

2, daily moisturizing: in the air-conditioned room or facial skin dry, at any time the rose exposed spray face, immediately add water.

3, attaining: mask with a rose mask spray wet paper, deposited on the face to Bacheng dry removed, moisturizing repair facial skin.

4, Fu Yan: covered with rose dew loose cotton sheet light applied to the eyes around, can delay the production of fine lines around the eye.

5, hair care: Rose exposed spray on the hair, can keep the hair moist and supple, so that elegant hair fragrance.

6, bath: add rose dew to Damascus rose aromatic bath, soothing anxiety mood.

7, fragrance: as a natural perfume, in the clothes or body spray a few times, so that Damascus rose fragrance scattered throughout the body.

Damascus rose water to have a moisturizing and tightening fruit known, is an excellent anti-aging ingredients. Rich in high activity of rose water, can strengthen the skin natural barrier to prevent skin water, make the skin more compact and full, beautiful and beautiful. Rich fragrance can bring aromatic effect, 
For the conditioning of the skin oil and water balance, improve the dry, and enhance the skin anti-aging defense also have effect. 
Help skin: moisturizing, repair fragile, soothe and soothe to improve: dark muscle, dry muscle, rough muscle, water all skin are applicable! 

Ingredients: Aqua, Rosa damascena Petal 
Extraction: steam distillation 
Fragrance: light lychee fragrance 
Capacity: 120ml / bottle 

This product specifications:

Ingredients: Damascus rose water essence

Fragrance: light lychee fragrance

Country of origin: Syria / Damascus

Manufacturing date: marked at the bottom of the bottle

Shelf life: three years

Save method: Please put it in a cool place

Usage: as a make-up water can be used to spray the rose on the face, you can use the hand to tap the face to absorb it.

✔ Reflected by the precious Damascus rose petals, preserving the complete water-soluble nutrients of Damascus rose. 
✔ is completely natural pure lotion, add skin moisturizing essence and moisture, restore skin luster, improve dull, repair sensitive and dry skin, so that the skin moisturizing, soft, radiant bright. 
✔ Suitable for all skin types, especially cooked, dry and sensitive skin. 
✔ thousands of years of the palace of the nobility of the moisturizing recipe, princess princess rejuvenation secret. 

Dreamland A Damascus rose dew is a completely natural pure plant lotion. Before the first dawn of the morning, pick up the fresh petals of Damascus rose with morning dew, and the distilled rose, which retains the complete water solubility of Damascus rose Nutrient and plant active ingredients, its mild natural and moisturizing repair effect is remarkable, with convergence, nourish, anti-aging, tight and soothing characteristics, can effectively calm the small fine lines, so that the aging of the skin revitalized regeneration, , Suitable for all skin, especially mature (loose aging, wrinkles), dry (dry water) and sensitive skin, after use can obviously feel the skin moisture and comfort. 

For thousands of years rose roses have been the palace aristocratic rejuvenating lotion or moisturizing lotus use, rose dew has become a favorite of the skin care of the new darling, Xun Meng Yuan Damascus rose with a pure and pleasant aroma, containing about 300 kinds of natural aromatic ingredients , Mainly alcohol, aldehydes, acids, esters, ethers, etc. These ingredients play their own unique role, with a comprehensive balance effect, can penetrate directly into the cell, the neutral skin, can enhance skin luster, Skin can balance the secretion of oil, dry skin can quickly add water, sensitive skin can relieve discomfort, dark gray skin can restore bright skin Ze, and shrink pores to reduce the damage to the skin elastic fibers, effectively postponed wrinkles The formation of almost all the skin of people to use the dream garden of a Damascus rose dew, you can experience the extraordinary maintenance effect, to find the dream garden of a Damascus rose coat is not only an excellent moisturizing agent, but also after the skin relaxation Agent.

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