Yulu green tea powder package 1g*(6p/box)

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Taiwan Yu Lujing -6 package / into

☆ carefully selected Taiwan mountain tea

☆ high-tech nano-technology, GMP certified factory production

☆ 30 ℃ low temperature drying, do not kill more catechins

☆ through SGS certification, no pesticide residues without heavy metals.

This product specifications:

Product Name: Taiwan Yulu Jing

Ingredients: Takayama tea polyphenols

Commodity origin: Taiwan

Shelf life: cold storage for two years

Production date: see packaging

Product weight: 1.0 gram per pack

Save: Please store in a cool place, avoid high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight

Brewing method: Please use 600cc cold water brewing, visual drink taste to adjust the shades

◎ Ingredients: pure high-mountain tea polyphenols

◎ Nutrition Labeling:

Each weight 1g:

Calorie 3.84 kcal

Protein 0.07 grams

Fat 0.04 grams

Saturated fatty acids 0.0 grams

Trans fat calculated 0.0 grams

Carbohydrate 0.79 grams

Sugar 0.02 mg

Sodium 0.0 mg

◎ Country of Origin: Taiwan

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