Non-toxic edible roses 1g* (20p/box)

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Taiwan's dense - rose pollen -20 into (box)

☆ selected Taiwan rose petals

☆ no pesticide planting, through the SGS 398 no pesticide residue test, pure natural, non-pigment, non-fragrance, non-preservative and chemical additives. No heavy metal residue

☆ dry organic rose petals low temperature sterile baking directly crushed, through the nano-process technology, powder fine absorption rate increased, and strengthen the effectiveness of nutrients

☆ edible rose petals, sugar-free, rich in vitamin C, commonly used in tea, jam, jelly, juice and tea bags, etc.

☆ Queen of flowers in the Queen's fragrance elegant ~ beautiful from the inside of the precious flowers ~ for the extra points

This product specifications:

Ingredients: Taiwan rose petals

Origin: Taiwan

Product Specifications: 20 packs / box, 6 packs / box (1 g / bag)


Recommended per pack (1g) to 600cc cold water brewing, can also be used warm water brewing, do not exceed

40 ° C to avoid damage to nutrients.

Do not add sugar, pure natural roses can also be used to drink with honey and so on.

※ Note: roses do not brew with tea bubble. Because there are a lot of tea tannic acid, will affect the rose Shu liver solution

Yu's effect. In addition, due to the role of roses scattered blood stasis is relatively strong, too many menstrual flow

Menstrual period need to drink. Due to the convergence of roses, if the case of constipation, please drink discretion;

Pregnant women should avoid taking roses tea.

※ Note: brown and air contact with the original fresh purple will gradually become pale purple, is a normal oxidation of the phenomenon,

Do not affect the taste, please feel at ease drinking.

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