Dragon Blood Tree Repair Mask (5p/box)

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☆ with a compact, moisturizing, whitening

☆ deep repair, improve skin texture

☆ Firming, purifying pores

☆ promote metabolism

☆ make skin moisturizing lock water white light 

With a compact, moisturizing, whitening, deep repair, compact, purify the pores, promote metabolism,

Deep repair conditioning skin, effectively restore the skin stretch, repair the skin, while maintaining the skin elasticity, so that the skin moisturizing water white light. 

Applicable to skin 

All types of skin, especially for dark skin, sallow and dry skin. 

main ingredient 

Dragon Blood Extract : Dragon Blood Tree is mainly grown in the tropical and South American Amazon River, because the cut tree trunk will flow out like blood-like red liquid named. The main effect of compact, deep repair conditioning skin, purify the pores.

Lithospermum extract : to promote skin metabolism, bright white, whitening, white light, repair, moisturizing lock water.

Bread tree extract : whitening, firming skin, dilute wrinkles, repair, dilute dull, allantoin, with good moisturizing ability, repair tight, improve skin absorption of nutrients, soothing rough sensitive problems, repair factor, And increase skin metabolism.

How to use: clean the face, the first use of make-up water, the mask affixed to the face, waiting for about 15-20 minutes. So that the essence of liquid completely penetrated and removed. Do not need to be cleaned after use.   

Note: This product is only for external use, do not apply to the wound and mucosal parts. If you have any symptoms such as swelling or discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately. Consult your doctor if you continue to feel skin discomfort.   

For skin: all types of skin. 

Tips: to avoid the essence of fluid into the eyes. If inadvertently flow, rinse immediately with water or warm water. If the skin is suspected of allergies or any discomfort, please stop using it immediately. This product is a disposable topical product, please do not reuse. Please avoid placing it in direct sunlight and high temperature places, and place it in children not easy to obtain.

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