Kirin repair firming mask (5p/box)

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░ Qi Lin exhaust extract essence repair skin back to the glory 

RonaCareⓇEctoin skin care ingredients, protect the skin, beautiful elements A combination of anti-oxidation and whitening effect to achieve protection, maintenance, and skin after use, the deep lock water good color, Qi Lin exhausted Extraction to consolidate the skin structure, smooth and compact skin, also added from the deep seaweed extract can be formed on the skin film, with good moisturizing and repair effect, so that your skin has a silky smooth touch, The

(1 case 5 pieces / 1 piece 25ml)

【main ingredient】

✚ Qi Lin exhaust extract: inhibition of MMP activity, with anti-aging effect, flavonoid extract from the Moroccan nuts leaves, inhibit collagen hydrolytic enzymes to protect collagen against MMP degradation, consolidate the skin structure with smooth compact skin.

✚ beautiful element A: Formosa tree cultivation (Artocarpus communis) extraction, rich in a variety of flavonoids, can prevent UV damage, increase skin protection, antioxidant capacity, and reduce the inflammation and delay Aging phenomenon.

Hyaluronic acid: from Japan, the use of the most innovative hyaluronic acid molecular technology, breakthrough in general hyaluronic acid can only nourish the surface of the restrictions can be adsorbed several times the water to promote water and skin tightly combined, and enhance the ability of skin water retention, but also make dermis In a variety of fibers can be filled with moisture in the environment, to maintain the elasticity and tension, so that the collagen is not easy to lose, the skin forever young and healthy.

Skin protection factor: can prevent early cell damage occurred, and can promote the long-term moisturizing of the stratum corneum.

Sugar-based trehalose: excellent high-performance moisturizing ability to prevent water loss and revitalize the skin, protect the skin can effectively combat the external damage to the skin, to achieve antioxidant effect, can help synergize the role of skin elastic protein, Skin elasticity.

✚ chamomile extract: mild to appease the skin, strengthen the skin function, promote skin health and help balance oil secretion.

Urozoonin: for the skin to accelerate the promotion of metabolic effects on the injured and inflamed tissue, can promote its tissue recovery, and other allantoin can increase the skin's antibacterial activity, inhibit bacterial reproduction, can provide a good amount of skin soothing effect, With convergence of anti-inflammatory effect.

Potassium glycyrrhizinate : can help improve the wound of inflammation, to help wound healing, sensitive skin to enhance skin resistance, prevent skin allergies, excellent skin repair conditioning purification products.

【Use】 to prevent rough skin, aging, compact skin, increase skin elasticity. 

 Usage】 Clean the face, the first use of make-up water, the mask affixed to the face, waiting for about 15-20 minutes. So that the essence of liquid completely penetrated and removed. Do not need to be cleaned after use. 

【Precautions】 This product is for external use only, do not apply to the wound and mucosal parts. If you have any symptoms such as swelling or discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately. Consult your doctor if you continue to feel skin discomfort. 

【Apply Skin  Various types of skin. 

【Tips】 Avoid the essence flow into the eyes. If inadvertently flow, rinse immediately with water or warm water. If the skin is suspected of allergies or any discomfort, please stop using it immediately. This product is a disposable topical product, please do not reuse. Please avoid placing it in direct sunlight and high temperature places, and place it in children not easy to obtain.


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