You should know the time to eat ginger! Let your body do not hurt body

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First, eat ginger, Sheng Shen soup

Speaking of food and medicine homologous, there is something that can not fail to mention, that is ginger. Jiang is God's gift to mankind. Chinese people who have a small kitchen ginger? And the prescription of Chinese medicine to ginger for the monarch of the drug is also more than everywhere. 
Confucius said, "do not withdraw Jiang food", to reason. Home to live, is not a day without ginger. Home regardless of small, who should be cold by the wind, immediately a bowl of ginger wait. Out of the sweat, scattered table cold on the right. 
Stomach cold, appetite is not open, drink two days ginger jujube tea, warm stomach just fine. 
If it is daily health eat ginger, be sure to eat at breakfast, the so-called "eat ginger, ginseng soup" is also. 
Morning to eat ginger, health care the best results. The reason is that Jiang is the best to declare Yang Yang by the yang.Morning is the blood flow of Yangming stomach when the time, at this time to eat ginger, just angry, to promote digestion. And ginger Xin Wen, can speed up the blood flow, refreshing effect


Second, eat ginger, the disease to <br /> Many people know that at night should not eat ginger. In fact, not only at night, after noon should eat ginger. Never eaten ginger, or easy to hurt the lungs. 
Chinese people health, especially pay attention to weather. Nature's yang reached its peak at noon. Sheng pole will decline, afternoon chi began to rise, yang began to converge. Ginger is raw yang, the afternoon should not eat naturally. 
At noon, the heart of the blood of the most Sheng. At this time to eat ginger, for their own heart Huo-wang is no different from the fire on the fuel. Firelight will burn more prosperous. City gate fire, bring disaster to the fish. Our lungs are the fish. Firelight too busy, the lungs will suffer, will cause cough and phlegm heat various symptoms. 
Eat ginger, disease come. Yin Huo-wang physical people remember. 

Three, late to eat ginger, see Hades <br /> Why can not eat ginger at night? Ginger is declared yang, the night the body should be yin, yang yang, eat ginger is counterproductive, contrary to the day. At this time eat ginger, there are several major harm: 
First, excitement, can not sleep. 
Second, stimulate the nerves, affect the heart function. 
Third, the plot of internal fire, consumption of lung yin, kidney injury. 
Only so, not enough to explain the harm of late eating ginger comparable to arsenic poison. The most critical reason is: people generally drink at night, then if the wine under the ginger, great harm! 
Ginger wine with food, Hundred Days rotten heart. Ginger wine is a hot thing, ginger by the wine into the meridians, wine by ginger into the organs. At night with ginger wine, equal to eat chronic poison. Folk circulation of the case, it is useful to use ginger wine hundred days to kill the story of human life. In fact, ginger wine with food, how to stop the lungs. Over time, the internal organs will be injured. In the final analysis, or wine victims. And its smell Jiang daar, it is better to quit drinking health. 

Four, to skin almost? See the situation <br /> Now the recipe, where the use of ginger, the beginning must be monotonous words: "ginger peeled." From when the beginning, ginger skin so do not recruit people to see, will want to stripping and then fast? 
In fact, ginger is absolutely nothing to do. It itself is blindly traditional Chinese medicine. Peeled to eat or skin to eat, according to the specific circumstances to set. 
How about it? very simple. Just remember that you can: the plant skin and meat is a pair of yin and yang. Ginger meat heat, so ginger skin cool. Ginger meat sweating, so ginger peel antiperspirant. By the cold, drink Jiang Tang sweat, naturally peeled as well. Usually drink ginger jujube tea cold, do not peel. General cooking ginger, it is certainly with the skin to eat, so as not to bias. 

Five, summer eat ginger, cold war <br /> summer is the best season to eat ginger it. All year round, the other three quarters you do not eat ginger all right. But it is best to eat a little in the summer. Summer hot days, the pores of the body are open. If the human body compared to a city, the summer is the city gate open undefended time. All kinds of evils will take the opportunity to invade. Some may be the disease, while others are latent down, to fall and winter and then attack. This time to eat ginger, you can protect your summer, not to leave the roots of autumn and winter. 
Summer hot days, bacteria and viruses multiply, it is easy to disease from the mouth. Ginger is a natural antibacterial agent. Eat unclean food diarrhea, vomiting, chewing ginger on the usefulness. When mixed with cold dishes, put more ginger, disinfection sterilization, and appetizers, the best.