Top effect of pure juniper pure oil (Taiwan's best)

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Top 72 kinds of essential effects of cypress pure oil (Taiwan's best) 

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Taiwan cypress oil type ~ red cypress (Meniki) ~ cypress (Hinoki) ~

Everyone said that walking in the forest, do "forest bath", learn "Fen more refined" on human health to help a lot, but in the end what is "Fen more refined" 

Why does the plant release this ingredient? What is the relationship between essential oils and Fenton? What is essential oil in the end? 

What is essential oil? 

Simply put, plants and animals will be "metabolic". The first metabolism of plants, called photosynthesis, will release oxygen; 

The second metabolism will produce many trace amounts of special chemical ingredients, some of which have a unique flavor of the material, is widely known as "essential oils Essential Oil". 

If you want to use artificial methods to obtain essential oils, according to plant characteristics and different parts of the composition of the structure, there will be "distillation", "solvent extraction", "fat suction" 

"Squeeze", "dip oil" and so on. Therefore, the current printing of essential oil products, are the use of the machine directly to the plant for large-scale extraction and access. 

Essential oils 

Plant metabolism to produce a unique flavor of the material, in addition to the forest air can be sweet and fresh, more sterilization, insecticide, sedative nerves, refreshing, medical and other effects, 

And the composition of these special cypress essential oil is widely known as "Fen more refined." So, for the busy modern people, the purpose of refining essential oils, 

Is for the essential oil inside the Fen more refined, so that everyone can enjoy the forest at home bath.


Cypress essential oil and efficacy 

Taiwan is located in subtropical, forest area accounts for about 59%, terrain and climate be richly endowed by nature, gave birth to a variety of forests, including: Taiwan cypress, red cypress, 

And Taiwan fir and other logs is the world's leading forest. These trees, in order to their own growth environment, in the process of physiological metabolism produced a special composition, 

Thus giving the wood a great durability with a unique flavor. 

There are seven kinds of cypress trees in the world, distributed in Taiwan, Japan, North America, coniferous forest is a very important position. 

The cypress trees distributed in Taiwan actually contain Taiwanese cypress and red cypress two kinds of trees, collectively referred to as cypress wood. Botany, the cypress is a subfamily, the tree will secrete "Hinokitiol" 

With a strong bactericidal ability, coupled with their own hard wood, decaying rotten, not afraid of insects, in addition to the use of building materials, 

One of the cypressyl alcohol ingredients are used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even food products. 

Then extract the cypress oil in the end what effect?


According to the study of teachers of Zhang Shangzhen and Wang Shengyang, two major staff of the Department of Forest and Environmental Resources, the main ingredient "Linnaromycin" in the juniper oil has the effect of reducing fatigue, 

1. In other words, the absorption of cypress oil can relieve "tension", "fatigue", "depression", and "anger" and other emotions. 

2. In addition, there are studies have shown that Taiwan cypress essential oil can be four days to the European room dust mite completely killed, indicating that cypress essential oil has a good anti-mite effect; 

3. Japan National Pediatric Hospital Dean also pointed out that Taiwan cypressyl alcohol on Staphylococcus aureus has a surprising inhibitory effect, 

This Staphylococcus aureus often exists in the human skin, respiratory tract, can cause sepsis, peritonitis, food poisoning and skin infections. 

4. In addition, the Japanese medical research report found that Taiwan's cypress essential oil for the elimination of insomnia, headache, anxiety, help breathing organs, lung function, 

Improve blood circulation and cardiac activity, reduce hypertension and prevent hardening of the arteries, and promote the metabolism of whole body cells, beauty and longevity, and so have a great help.

pay attention! Cypress is a treasure of Taiwan, but because it is not easy, the printing of cypress essential oil, often add other base oil or alcohol ingredients, 

To increase the weight or speed up the evaporation rate of essential oils (increase aroma), such purity is not enough products, although harmless to the human body, 

But often because of impure oil and volatile too fast caused by ineffective or excessive wear and tear. Consumers in the purchase, in addition to pay attention to the price, the product should be carefully checked the composition and concentration, 

In addition, the consistency and color of essential oils can also help determine the purity of essential oils. This simple cypress essential oil finishing, we hope to buy cypress essential oil when the help!